Pizza Scrolls

Confession – I don’t actually like being in the kitchen. I love food, particularly home made food, I just detest the cooking and cleaning part.
So when I do cook, it’s usually something easy, quick, simple, and generally more than one serving per person. (Left-overs are super important in a busy house which is lacking in enthused cooks.)

Last Friday was the AFL Preliminary Final between North Melbourne and Sydney. Hubby and Jai are North supporters, and I just love footy, so it was to be a great night. It had put me in a fairly chipper mood (which is rare these days) and I found myself keen to make something tasty to snack on during the game. Our fridge was unusually well stocked, as was the freezer, and the provisions for some pizza scrolls were available so that’s what I went with.

I like this kind of cooking, the spontaneous kind, because I’m motivated and excited about it, so it makes it more enjoyable and I feel great afterwards too. When Jai (now 10) was a toddler I’d make these every fortnight, freezing them in small batches to thaw and enjoy every day or so. But now, with three girls under four to keep happy, I don’t always have the energy or ability to do extra things on a whim. Sometimes I can’t even do important things! It’s just so much easier to keep out of the kitchen and avoid making a mess that needs to be cleaned up, because it can all become too exhausting some days. So when I find things particularly enjoyable, and doable, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something big for the day and lifts my mood.
It was really lovely to let the girls watch and help too. They’ll pull a chair up to the bench where I’m working and chatter away while I try to keep their roaming fingers away from my knife.

All it took was an hour, maybe an hour and a half in total, to whip up these tasty snacks and clean up afterwards. You can use so many different filler ingredients too, almost anything you like. In fact, this basic concept is all over Pinterest, using so many different ingredients. The possibilities are endless.

This is my favorite way, mostly because I’ve often got these ingredients on hand for when the motivation arises:
Puff Pastry
Tomato Paste
Capsicum (finely diced)
Cheese (finely grated)
Bacon (finely diced)

I thaw the pastry on the bench for 15 – 20 minutes. Spread a dollop of tomato paste all over it, and top with the bacon, capsicum, and cheese. When rolling them up, it’s important to get a nice tight roll, and seal the edge by removing the filling from the last bit as you roll it, and pressing the pastry together as the roll finishes. Then I’ll cut slices approximately 2cm thick, and place on a tray (greased with oil spray) at least a centimeter apart so they don’t stick together. They’ll cook nicely in the oven at 170deg celsius for approximately 15 minutes, or until they look nice and tasty. I leave them in the tray for five minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool further.
They taste excellent warm, and are even quite tasty as a cold lunchbox snack.


Well, even though I went to bed at quarter time and North ended up getting thrashed, the boys enjoyed a few pizza scrolls each, and they were enjoyed by all the following day as a car snack while we took a drive up to the Dandenongs.

All in all, a winning recipe that I’m certain use a lot!

Jac xx


I’ve invented a game changer…

I think I may invent an invention… I shall call it the “NagMaster2000”.

It will have eight buttons, each of which will have a different recording:

#1 “Get your finger out of your nose.”

#2 “Stop patting the baby.”

#3 “Do not sit on your sister’s head.”

#4 “Bath water is not for drinking.”

#5 “No, we don’t eat chalk.”

#6 “Give it back to her. If you’re looking for yours it’s in your other hand.”

#7 “Draw on the paper, not your face.”

and I can’t forget:
#8 “Come back here and let me put your pants on.”

Because honestly, my throat hurts from the agonising repetition of these very phrases (plus about three dozen more) … and I’ve got another thousand years of this parenting gig to go.

If I survive long enough, I’ll release a ‘teenager’ edition. It will include phrases such as
“You are so not wearing that to church.”
“Don’t give me that look.”
and everyone’s favorite,
“Do you think I was born yesterday?”

What would you have recorded on your NagMaster? Jac xx



Ok, so it has taken me a looooong time to get around to this – my brain is not firing like it used to (a newborn, toddler, threenager, and schoolboy will do that to you), and I’ll begin by apologising in advance for any strange inconsistencies, mistakes, weirdness, and general loopiness that is bound to pop up. Again, blame the baby brain.

So we are all here today to see how my ‘Tilly’ is made. First, there are couple of things that are important to know about Tilly’s story.
I had only read and made one Amigurumi pattern before Tilly was created. She is the product of some pretty random tinkerings – not expert crochet pattern making. So to anyone reading this who knows a fair bit about crochet patterns and such, please ignore anything that is not typical of crochet or Amigurumi or whatever. I make to attempt to look like some fancy professional, I’m just fuddy duddy ol’ me.
Also, I want to point out that I had been doing the double crochet stitch incorrectly for years. Oops, very embarrassing. But I’m over it. So, seeing as I didn’t actually realise this until after I had designed Tilly, you’ll have to use my weird made up stitch in order for the pattern to work. I’ll explain it, don’t worry, it’s not complicated, just not the proper stitch.

So here goes!

What you’ll need:

Some polyfill
Some lovely 8ply yarn (I used 100% wool)
3mm crochet hook
Wool needle for sewing
Thin pink ribbon bow
Black embroidery thread
Stitch marker

* My daft double crochet stitch (Lets call it ddc) is made by only pulling the yarn through one loop on the hook instead of both, and then pulling another loop through both loops on the hook to finish.
So you’ll insert hook into stitch, catch yarn, draw it through the stitch (you’ll have two loops on the hook now) yarn round hook, draw through ONE loop on hook, yarn round hook again and draw through both loops on hook.
Yep, that’s how I thought a dc was done. And that’s how Tilly was made so please bear with me!
**I start each body part by making a magic ring. If you have never made one before, check out Youtube for a tutorial.
***Some pieces are made up in joined rounds, others are continuous spiral rounds. The joined rounds require you to join the last st to the first stitch by slip stitching into the second chain that you began the round with. For continuous rounds you don’t join at the end: you simply work the first stitch of the next round into the first of the last round. Use your stitch marker to mark the beginning of a round.
****Chain 2 at the beginning of a round counts as a ddc/stitch.

The Head:
{work in continuous rounds}
RND 1- make a magic ring and work 6ddc. Pull ring tightly closed. [6ddc]
RND 2- (2ddc in next st, 1 ddc in next st) 3 times. [9ddc]
RND 3- 1 ddc in next 9 sts. [9ddc]
RND 4- (2ddc in next st, 1ddc in next 2sts] 3 times. [12ddc]
RND 5- (2ddc in next st, 1ddc in next 3sts) 3 times. [15ddc]
RND 6- (2ddc in next st, 1ddc in next 4sts) 3 times [18ddc]
RND 7- ddc in next 18sts. [18ddc]
RND 8- (ddc in next st, ddc next 2sts together) 6 times [12ddc] Start stuffing with some polyfill.
RND 9- (ddc next 2sts together) six times [6ddc]
RND 10- (ddc next 2sts together) 3 times and tie off.

The Body:
{work in continuous rounds}
RND 1- make magic circle and 6ddc into ring. Pull tight.
RND 2- (2ddc in next st) 6 times [12ddc]
RND 3&4- 1ddc in next 12sts [12ddc]
RND 5- (1ddc in next st, 2ddc in next st) 6 times. [18ddc]
RND 6- 1ddc in next 18 sts. [18ddc]
RND 7- (1ddc in next 2sts, 2ddc in next st) 6 times. [24ddc]
RND 8 to 12- 1ddc in next 24sts. [24ddc] Tie off leaving long tail for sewing. Stuff with polyfill.

The tail:
— Work 3ddc into a magic ring. Pull tight.
— 1ddc in each st in continuous rounds until tail measures approximately 8cm in length. Tie off leaving long tail of year for sewing.

The arms (make 2):
— Work 4ddc into magic ring. Pull tight.
— 1ddc in each st working in continuous rounds until approximately 3.5cm in length. Tie off leaving long tail of yarn for sewing.

The ears (make 2):
RND 1- work 10ddc into magic circle. Join.
RND 2- ch 2, 1ddc in same st, 2ddc in next 9sts join. [20ddc]
RND 3- ch 2, 1ddc in next 17sts, skip 2sts, join. [18ddc] Tie off, leaving long tail of yarn for sewing.

The bottom:
— work first 2 rounds for ear, tie off leaving long tail for sewing.
And so basically, you just sew everything on! It’s pretty straight forward I think, and once everything is joined nicely don’t forget to thread the loose ends in.
Then, I make her a sweet little face using the embroidery thread. I am a pretty terrible hand sewer so there wasn’t much point showing you this step. I like the closed eyes look, but you could do anything you like really. I’ve been imagining a soft pink tip on her nose (using the wool needle and pink yarn) and even some teeny tiny itty bitty glasses to sit on her nose!
You can tie a sweet pink ribbon on her ear, or perhaps you would like to get super creative and make her a tiny hat. Maybe even a teeny scarf?

Either way, I sure hope this post makes enough sense so Tilly’s can be born all across the globe! Before you do get crackin’ though, please promise me that you’ll remember to give me pattern credit if you decide to show off your Tilly, particularly if selling. It’s just really nice :)

Eeeeek I can’t believe I am posting this now, I hope it’s not just a giant embarrassment! Please let me know if I need to change anything! And enjoy!

Much love, Jac xx

A ballerina birthday party.

My youngest daughter, Scarlett, turned one yesterday and to celebrate (more like, distract me from my “My baby is growing up” misery) I held a ballerina themed birthday party.

In my family, birthday parties are a luxury. They cost money (which we don’t always have a lot to throw around), require a lot of energy to organise (which comes in short supply when you have a busy household), and are quite exhausting! Hence why I feel so blessed to have been able to do all of this. We are in good health, my husband has a great job, my family is very supportive, and being a WAHM means I had plenty of time to put all of it together over a few weeks which actually meant I could cut costs and satisfy my creative yearning by making nearly everything myself. Without all of these things, I really wouldn’t have had the opportunity to throw such an elaborate shin-dig.

In planning, I gathered most of my inspiration from Pinterest (long live Pinterest!) and had a LOT of fun putting everything together for a number of weeks leading up to the party. I got to play with ribbons, and tulle, and pink stuff, and more pink stuff and even more pink!

The very first thing I made, was Scarlett’s birthday outfit – and boy did I have fun with this one! I made her a tutu, and also sewed some adorable felt in the shape of the number one onto a body suit to go with it – and then I had me a little photo shoot! I didn’t manage to take a really nice photo of the birthday girl on the day, so here is my favourite shot from our little shoot a couple of weeks prior… first birthday outfit tutu


For party favours, I wanted to have ribbon wands ( perfect for a ballerina theme too, of course). Being budget conscious, I knew it’d be much more cost effective to make these myself. I bought dowel rods from Spotlight ($10) and cut them in half because they were just too long for littlies, and also some little silver bells ($3-$4). I grabbed some tiny eye hooks from Bunnings ($3), tiny little split rings from a tackle shop ($3.50), a 24mm satin ribbon from Lincraft (50% off baby!) and cut it into 1 metre lengths, and employed the use of my little pink hot glue gun. EASY PEASY!

 ribbon wand

party favours

For the little boys, I thought they’d enjoy some star wands more than the ribbon wands, so this is what I made from some felt, stuffing, silver thread, a rod and one of the jingly bells inside: star wands

I also made a cute wreath, inspired by ones I had seen on Pinterest. I used some cheap-o muslin and tulle ribbon from Spotlight, as well as a wire circle thingy, and a butterfly from my craft stash. A simple monogram made from an MDF letter, glue, and glitter added some bling for the centre. I think it turned out rather cute and will keep it to hang in Scarlett’s bedroom. wreath

And then, there was the food…cookie wands oreo pops ballerina cupcakes cake swirly twirly cookies party decor loly pop pot marshmellow pops rice crispy treats ballerina birthday party food home made meringue ballerina birthday party ballerina birthday party

The mini milk bottles were a bargain – 2 for $2 at a local bargain toy/party supply shop. I bought the paper straws there too, and filled the bottles with strawberry milk, YUM! I also bought the glass jars for $2 each, and filled them with marshmallows. I tied little pink ribbons on nearly everything, as you can see, including some small recycled jars which I used for the Oreo pops and party favours.
I made the cake and cupcakes from a delicious and trusty vanilla butter cake recipe, and used a white choc ganache to decorate them. The cake topper is a little something I made myself too, using two of the paper straws, this all purpose ribbon, some of the left over tulle and some letters I simply printed onto paper. The cupcake papers were $2 for a tube of 25, I used some for the cupcakes and some more to hold some sliced strawberries.

The rice crispy squares were eeeeeasy! I had never made them before, and now that I have discovered how easy and delicious they are, I do believe I will be making them a lot! THIS is the recipe I used, and after I had cut it up, I dipped each piece in white chocolate which I had melted and coloured pink. I then popped little flags on top which were part of a party printable pack from Sweet Tashie 

The meringues are also made by me, they were actually surprisingly easy. Hubby ate my first batch, which I somehow fluked a perfect 10/10! The second batch was still acceptable (lucky for hubby, hehehe). Made from egg and sugar, they only cost a few bucks to make, and are free from nasties that may be hidden in store bought products.

I used a brilliant sugar cookie recipe that I found HERE to make some cookie wands, swirly twirly cookies, and also the decorated heart cookies. Here is a basic demonstration on how I made them: starwand cookies hearts cookies

With a batch of my home made sausage rolls and some Woolworths party pies, I really think it was a success.

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the only reasons this wonderful day was made possible is by making nearly everything myself and hunting around for affordable bits and bobs. I gained a lot of inspiration, tips, and tricks from Pinterest and the blogs that it sent me to. If there is anyone who would like me to share more details on how I made or managed something from the party, just let me know. I’d love to share recipes and tutorials if there is anyone interested, but for now, I need to get back to cleaning up ;)

Because he really is worth it.

I am in a lot of pain right now. An entire week of party prep, even though I cut a LOT of corners, has shattered me. But he is worth it.

Last year, my son Jai missed out on his birthday trip to Scienceworks because I had spent the previous night in hospital with “threatened preterm labour”. So this year I promised him a Lego themed birthday party.

And so, despite the knee surgery five weeks previous, I did my absolute best to put together what I truly hope becomes a treasured memory for my boy.

To get us started, the lovely Jodie-Lee from LeegirlPretties made us this awesome bunting and the perfectly themed invites.




Being school holidays, Jai was able to help me with the crafty side of things, which was actually a nice opportunity for he and I to spend some quality time together while the girls were asleep.

We drew faces on some square yellow paper plates to resemble Lego man heads (I found the idea here) using a trusty Sharpie.


Next (and we are both rather proud of this one) we made a Lego man collage for “Pin The Face On The Lego Man.”IMG_5063


I used a grey lead pencil and ruler to copy a template I found on Pinterest. Once I was happy I used my Sharpie to trace over the pencil. Jai ripped small squares from some coloured art paper which we bought at Kmart. We used a clear drying PVA to glue all of the pieces of, being sure not to cover over the black outlines. This was definitely my favorite project for the party, particularly because Jai really enjoyed it too.

Using the same template, I made a craft activity by printing it out onto the coloured paper, cutting each section out, and then having the kids use the pieces to make their own Lego man to take home. I was worried it would be a bit of a flop, but the kids actually showed a lot of interest and had a great time personalising their work.



I also found a free Lego bingo printable here which the kids LOVED. It was a huge hit! We used lego pieces as counters and prizes went to the winners.


After finding this on Pinterest I just HAD to give it a go myself. Hubby bought some spray paint from Bunnings and let Jai and I go crazy on some baby food jars that I had hoarded since Issy was Scarlett’s age.IMG_5055
I will admit, my spray painting skills are not great. In fact, they’re shameful. But the kids didn’t notice one bit. I popped chocolates that we had made from a silicone Lego man and Lego brick mould into the jars, as well as a few crayons I purchased from Skip & Stomp on Etsy.

We also filled a vase with Lego bricks and gave a prize to the closest guess.



And during the festivities there was ample time for the kids to build with Lego, which we had in large tubs on the table.


As far as the hot food went, I didn’t have the ability to make my delicious home made sausage rolls and other scrumptious treats so we relied on the freezer section at Woolworths. However, my sister in law whipped up about 30 huge cupcakes (which were so yummy!) saving me hours of work. I had a go at some cheater’s cake pops (marshmellows on skewers) with the hopes they’d look like Lego man heads. Needless to say, I’ve decided cake pops are fiddly, drippy, sticky, and hereby shifted to my ‘two hard’ basket.

I also had a minor cake fail. Ok, a fairly major cake fail. But I did manage to come up with half a Lego man head. Jai loved it, bless his little heart. And even though it was a packet mix cake (the knee, I had no time for ‘from scratch’) which I smothered in white chocolate ganache icing, everyone enjoyed it.




Well, I heard no complaints. So that’s a win to me!

All in all, it was beyond exhausting. But (at the risk of sounding SO cliché) the smile on his freckled face made it all worth it. As we all gathered around the sparkling birthday cake and sang the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ song, I could see how much he was enjoying himself. My boy is a little closed off sometimes and doesn’t often find it easy to relax into a situation, so seeing a bright smile on his face and spark in his eyes was like a silent “Well Done Mum” which, I will remember forever.



Sometimes, I have no idea what I’m doing.
No idea, whatsoever.

Actually, more often than sometimes, a lot of times.

Now, seeing as I’ve had no experience at being me before, and everyday is a new day, why does the realisation that I’m without a clue come as such a disheartening shock?

Because I’m a mum and I’m supposed to be the expert. And experts know stuff.

Stuff like:

– Why my baby is crying: “I’m worried I could have a low breast milk supply.”
“Don’t worry, it’s supply and demand.”
“She’s been demanding every two hours for three months.”
“Don’t worry, it’s supply and demand….”

– How to dress the children properly: “Isn’t she cold in that?” (Same day, different person) “Look at those rosy cheeks, she looks a bit too warm.”

– What to feed them: “Oh, you don’t offer your baby cumquat? The book says to offer them a wide range of foods.”
“I’m never going to find a cumquat, or ever serve them again so……”
“Yeah but the book says…”

– How to discipline them:
“You must be consistent, but remember you’ve just had a baby so she’ll be acting out more, so go a bit easier on her.
“How much easier and how can I tell when I need to go back to being consistent?”
” …….. ”

Honestly, I beat myself up and get the mummy guilts because my children are so innocent and deserve the best. It’s not their fault I’m a noob and make mistakes. It’s not their fault I have to learn as I go.

But it’s not my fault either. So do you know what I do? I laugh.
Sometimes, I see the cruel irony and laugh – right in it’s face.

I actually laugh a lot. It gets me through.
I’ll even look for things to laugh at, even just to distract myself from the overwhelming ‘drowning’ sensation that frequently takes over.
People who are happy, laugh a lot. And people who laugh a lot are happy.

Well, in my opinion anyway.

Sometimes, I actively try to see the humour in things (when my sleep deprived brain allows) because, well, what else can you do when your eyes are red from lack of sleep, the baby has decided she needs to be held all day, the toddler acts like she’s starving but won’t eat anything you offer, and amidst cleaning up the toddler’s rejected food and dealing with the baby’s refusal to be put down you step in misplaced cat pee – repeating at dinner time – and fall into bed completely exhausted and feeling rotten?

After a bit of prayer and a deep breath, I’ll look through the humour board on Pinterest for example, and chuckle at some parenting memes. And yes, cat memes. Animals in general really. And funny babies. And anything that makes me laugh at it all.

Anything that tickles my funny bone.

Sometimes I’m out of my depth. And it’s ok.

And sometimes,

just sometimes,

being completely lost – even with the maps of life right in front of you – is absolutely hilarious.


Allow me to rabbit on for a bit….

IMG_1288You know those hand sanitizer products like Aqium and the Detol one? Who uses them? They are handy aren’t they. When you are out and about and had to change a wet nappy, you can simply give your hands a quick splash in it and know that baby isn’t going to necessarily catch yukky germs from you….

I don’t like them. In fact, I really don’t like them. I get Aqium for FREE and I still don’t like it (my mother in law works for the company, please forgive me Cathy!!! I love you!!) because the way the chemicals STING kinda turns me off. Seriously, what is IN that stuff? I’ve been taking the extra time between a nappy change and breastfeeding to wash my hands with soap, screaming hungry baby has to deal with it, like all babies have always had to do for like, ever…

Well, she doesn’t have to wait those few extra minutes for a feed or a Bonjella fix any more! Introducing, a hand sanitizer that isn’t full of chemicals that are probably more harmful than the germs they are supposed to kill – Enviromist!

It is by Nature Direct. I went to a viewing at a friend’s house just a couple of weeks ago and my order arrived today, oh my goodness, so excited.
There are NO chemicals in it! It is all made using natural stuff. “Water soluble plant extracts such as cloves, cypress, eucalyptus, mint, pine, rosemary savoury and thyme.” Hello!! Where has this stuff BEEN all of my life.

Had I known about this sooner, I could give my hands a quick spray after changing a wet tush in the car after a horrendous road trip stint and not needed to worry about germies when feeding or using foul smelling, cut stinging, chemical yukkiness from supermarket hand sanitizers.

ALSO, I am excited because I can spray the toilet seat after my son has whizzed all over it (ok, not ALL over it, but you know what I mean) for when Issy starts toilet training, and then spray again after she is finished whizzing all over it. Give it a quick wipe and buddabing buddaboom, sanitized! I can spray public toilet seats too! No chemicals!!

In an apparent over chemical using society THIS stuff is where it is at! And it has excited me. I also use Enjo, LOVE it. This fills the gaps/makes my house even more awesomely sanitized without ANY chemicals at all!

I know this is all fairly random, but I am just so chuffed I had to share it. This company deserves a good round of applause. Three cheers for Nature Direct! And also for Enjo!

Have a great weekend everyone xx Jac

* And no, this is not a paid review or anything.
** And yes, I am THAT excited about non-chemical cleaning products.

THIS is not ok… {Part Two}

IMG_0850Ok. So. Here it is.

My creative peers. My sewing friends, my crochet and knitting friends, designers, doll makers – all of you…….What are we going to do about THIS? How are we going to use this to make our experience better?

For starters, we won’t be doing that to each other anymore. Remember – I am referring to ‘Kate’s plight. We will not allow ourselves to think it is ok to steal someone else’s awesome. We won’t look at another designer’s pretty stuff and say to ourselves “I bet I could do THAT and sell tonnes of them.” We won’t deliberately choose to copy someone else’s work.

Let me say that last sentence again: We won’t deliberately choose to COPY someone else’s work.

Here’s a little quote for us all…
“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed on imitation.” – Herman Melville
We won’t be cheap imitators. We will either get our own awesome, or we will find something else to do.

Right. That takes care of us, but what about them? What about the people who just. don’t. get it?
They will always be there – those people. Like Kate’s imitator. You can’t stop them. I know it, you know it, we’ve known all along. It’s just who, and how such people are. I can’t elaborate why they are how they are, I’m not going down that path. But who cares anyway, the simple fact is, if you are a creator or a designer or an artist etc, there will always be someone who will copy you, imitate you, rip you off.
Given that, what are we going to do to stop the pain it causes to us small business owners? Us WAHM’s? Us creative peeps? Us humble, gentle, quiet creative minds? How do we stop the hurt?

First of all – protect yourself by owning your work. Is your work your original design? Not made from a pattern? Not an imitation of someone else’s design? Copyright is automatic – so long as it is indeed, your original design. My beanies are mine. I put the pattern together = mine. So I own the copyright to them. I don’t have to put a copyright symbol or spiel on them, but I do to let others know that they are indeed mine, not an imitation, and they cannot be copied. It’s there for everyone to see, it’s clear, and it’s concise.
I suggest you start to give yourself credit for the things that you make, which if copied or ripped off, would tear your heart out, to show everyone they are YOURS. Kinda like a marking your territory, but with a little more sophistication than a dog….

Secondly – Don’t look for it. Don’t search for rip offs of your work. You don’t need to, so why do it? If you are actively looking for something, you are bound to find something that either validates your fear, or satisfies it. I deliberately keep my nose out of other Facebook or Etsy crocheter’s business as best I can – that way I am less influenced by their work (and less likely to inadvertently imitate it) and less likely to find something I don’t want to see. I have browsed pages and found some very suspicious goings on in the past, but seeing as I will always give people the benefit of the doubt, I put it down to a high likelihood of coincidence. After all, there’s similar, and then there is blatantly ripped off. We are only concerning ourselves with this remember.

So what about when you are made aware of someone ripping you off? Well, the first thing we are going to do, is remember this – “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” I know we have heard it a thousand times before, but our anger and grief overrides our understanding. How dare someone steal my idea like that to make money? It makes us feel violated. And we either lash out, or crumble. WE are going to do neither. We are going to be calm. We are going to take a deep breath, and turn the screen in front of us off. We’ll take a minute to remember how amazing WE are. How much we have achieved. How much we are adored for WHO we are, not what we are. We’ll ask a trusted friend their rational impression of the situation for some perspective – choose someone who can be frank and unbiased.
Has someone, without reasonable doubt, stolen from you just like someone stole from Kate? This is what you can do:

Block them from your Facebook page.
Don’t look at their Facebook page anymore.
** IF they have breached copyright – Write a short, calm, and in no way passive aggressive email to them. State your business name, and tell them that the design that they are selling is your copyrighted property and it is unlawful for them to pass it off as their own. Tell them to stop. And that’s it.
Then – continue being your own kind of awesome.

Leave it, and carry on. Laugh at how ridiculous it is that someone would see the desire to rip you off instead of come up with their own awesomeness. You don’t need to get worked up. You don’t have to be hurt, if you don’t want to be. You can carry on as you always have before. I’ll help you do it, I promise.

“No man was ever great by imitation” – Samuel Johnson.

Besides, such people are only in it for the money, really. I don’t know about you, but spending six hours designing a crochet beanie style doesn’t really rake in the millions… It makes my heart sing, not my wallet fat. And that’s precisely why I enjoy it so much.

Maya Angelou had it SO right when she said “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”

We are all going to do what WE love doing, forget those that imitate awesomeness, and do it so well that they can’t take their eyes off US – we won’t lower ourselves to the level of the ripper-offer-ers! (I could think of a better word than ‘ripper-offer-ers’, but I don’t want to.)

Now, I am going to step off this soapbox. I am going to continue on, being my own kind of awesome, and supporting all others who choose to do the same.

Jac xx

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It’s RAFFLE Time!

IMG_0464To WIN yourself a gorgeous Issy Inspired Owl Mobile customed to your owl colour preferences, all you need to do is go to to purchase your tickets. IT’S THAT EASY!

It is important that you SHARE the raffle around so that ALL tickets are sold, I cannot draw until they’re all gone!

Remember, tickets are limited, so get yours now! Be sure you tell me your email address by leaving the details at checkout.

The winner will be notified via email, and then announced here on my blog!

Post is included by the way, which does mean I can only accept entries from Australia only.

I think I have covered it all…. Good luck everyone! And thank you, as always xxx Jac