How it all began…

253432_1838831848661_4976550_nIt all began with a headband.
One evening, I was a bit bored, found a lovely tutorial for a crochet headband and decided I could do that! So I did! I used some Cleckheaton wool that I had been using for a granny square blanket (which I still have yet to finish oops) and popped it on Issy’s cute little four month old noggin the next morning. She was all dressed up pretty for our Sunday church meeting, so of course I took some photos because I like to show off all my pretty things!
That same evening, or maybe the next morning, I shared the picture with a group of ladies on Facebook. I met this group online through, in the December 2010 birth board. We had been chatting and sharing our experiences since falling pregnant with our December babies. They loved the headband so much, that many of them wanted to buy one! I was truly flattered. Then they encouraged me to make a Facebook page because they were certain their friends would also love to get their hands on one too!
So, by the Tuesday evening, I had made myself “Issy Inspired”, all thanks to tutorials and generous online friends.
I worked out how to make a beanie, people loved it and ordered. So that gave me the confidence to tinker around some more, and then I made a few more beanies. And then some more, and clippies, and photo props, and bonnets! I didn’t even know how to read patterns until just recently!
Networking with other crafty ladies on Facebook has been a real blessing. The advice, support and encouragement is priceless.

So with the support of my online friends (that most certainly includes YOU) and from my family, real life friends and very patient husband (hehe) I am here today, blogging about it!

It makes me happy. I’m proud of myself. Very proud.
I’ve learnt some big lessons along the way, and I know I have many more to learn.

That’s it really! All blogs start of with an intro, right? How’d I go?

xx Jac


My First Blog Post

21888_4421931824546_2020454772_nYay! Now I am a blogger!

Ok, maybe not a real blogger. This is, after all, my first post.
Perhaps this could become something big one day? Where people say “Do you follow blogs? You MUST check out ‘Behind Issy Inspired’! It’s my favorite!” (A girl can dream, right?) I admire so many other bloggers, maybe, just maybe, I can be admired too? :)

Now, I don’t know the rules. Probably because I don’t have a LOT of time to thoroughly follow many blogs myself. So be nice, forgive my newness… and try to ignore spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes etc. I’m no English whizz, and I am definitely not trying to be anything other than Jac writing a blog!