An explanation…

The first beanie I ever made - must have taken me about a week!
The first beanie I ever made – must have taken me about a week!

I like to pop ©IssyInspired on my photos. I promise I don’t do it because I am some snob who thinks she owns all crochet beanies or something. The truth is, anything I copyright is my intellectual creation and is not a copy of somebody else’s work. It means I didn’t use someone else’s pattern, I made it up myself.

It also means I sat down, for hours on end, figuring out how to make the piece by myself – it involves a fair bit of patience, a lot of trial and error, and even a few complete fails. Copyright is automatic, and you aren’t required to put a fancy © symbol or declaration with your work. However, and understandably, I like to give myself not only the full credit for my hard work, but also the protection from it being cheaply ripped off.

This is just the way I find joy in my work.
Don’t get me wrong, I have used patterns from other people before, and I will use more as time goes on. That’s what they are there for, after all. And gee there are some AMAZING patterns out there, just taunting me to try them out.
But as far as the bulk of my work goes, I find the most pleasure in experimenting and coming up with little creations or designs of my own. It makes me feel clever.

Here is a little bit of writing from a great PDF I found…
“Works are only protected by copyright law if they are ‘original’ works. A copyright work will be considered original if it is the product of the creator’s own intellectual effort and has not been copied from another person’s work.”
( )

I am not clever enough to fully and thoroughly define copyright or what a ‘copy’ is etc, so if you’d like to read up for yourself, for some actual information to hopefully explain why I do what I do, then here are a couple of links: (I hope I did it right)

I must add, because I can’t help myself, a lady once pinched a product photo from my facebook page by downloading it and then uploaded it onto her facebook page, into an album which (in its description) informed fans that any item in the album can be recreated for a price…. That was not ok. Not ok at all. And the only reason I found out was because another lady saw the photo, with my watermark on it, and contacted me to let me know.

Needless to say, the album was taken down after I got grumpy at her….

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