Take me there now….

132371_405129449541705_1948869275_oOoooh I get a fuzzy feeling just at the thought of it… Winter.

It’s dark and cold outside. Possibly even windy and wild. Inside, the kids are tucked up in their warm, cozy beds, dreaming peacefully. In the lounge, Friday night footy is on, my feet are up, slippers are on and I’m blissfully hooking my way through an adorable piece.

It’s pretty much my favorite feeling. Ok, not my actual favorite… but when the weather has been muggy and hot and yukky for months, I can’t help but dream of Winter. (Of course, a month or two into it, I’ll be complaining about the girls’ cabin fever hehe)

The only thing that would really make my dream perfect, is the ambient light and cozy warmth from a wood heater. Oh how I’d love a wood heater for winter! Maybe one day…

Warm, cozy slippers. Slow cooker bubbling away, the aroma of a scrumptious casserole flooding the house. Rain pitter-pattering on the windows…. Oooooh I get a fuzzy feeling just thinking about it!

Are you looking forward to the cooler weather?

(Of course, in about six months time, I’ll be less excited by cold weather and yearning for sunshine… I’m a bit funny like that.)

One thought on “Take me there now….

  1. Ooo Jac, im all warm and fuzzy now. I love Winter! My favourite time of year is our annual Easter holiday. Its just starting to get cold and we spend most of our time inside, rugged up in ugg boots and trackies!

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