It took over five months…

IIMG_0277t has just dawned on me: I actually have no idea what I am doing. As in, I have very little control in my house at the moment.

This morning, for example, went a little something like this…

7:15am – Wake up (after dropping back off after a very restless night) to Issy poking me in the face and Scarlett grizzling in her cot. Jai (my eight year old) comes out and protests school. He is sharply hushed. I’ve no time for nonsense.

7:40am – I have wrestled Issy into her high chair, Jai is finally dressed, he is making her brekky (SCORE!) so I retreat to the lounge to feed an unhappy Scarlett. Oh, I got her out of her cot at some stage by the way.

7:50am – Scarlett is fed and happily rolling around on the mat, so I begin cleaning Issy’s Weetbix art while she runs off and starts trashing something. I stack the dishwasher, switch it on, fill the washing machine, think I  switch it on but discover later I didn’t, and pick up something Issy has pulled from the shelf.

8:10am – Make my toast, make Scarlett’s rice cereal, sit on the lounge to nibble at my toast in between attempting to get at least an eighth of a spoonful into Scarlett’s mouth instead of her nose while she rubs it in her eye. During which, Issy has dragged her blanket, pillow and dolls in from her bedroom. The lounge looks like a bomb zone so I ask Jai to quickly pick up the blocks and books from Issy’s earlier trash sesh, to which he very (and surprisingly) happily obliges.

8:25am – Issy trashes the blocks and books.

8:26am – Issy is satisfied with her mayhem and returns to her blankets and pillow.

8:30am – I finish eating my toast. I mop Scarlett up. Then grab clothes and nappies for the girls, change and dress them, throw clothes on my tired body and growl at the dog for barking at the elderly man next door.

8:45am – All aboard the Terry Train (territory) it’s school drop off time. HOORAY. ,

9am – Time for ‘shopping’ which is more like ‘dodging bad drivers and avoiding pedestrian crossings so as to not get killed by said bad drivers’ after spending 20 minutes building the pram that is supposed to be a convenience. (Guess what, it’s not.)

I could go on and on and on…. I am out of my depth here. It’s chaotic. It’s full on. I get nothing, and I mean NOTHING done! The kitchen is still a mess. The clothes are still in the machine. The floors are putrid (thanks ridiculous humidity) and my head is pounding because I haven’t been able to get to my chiro. I crochet while Issy is asleep. She sleeps for two hours at most during the day, and seeing as I can’t get Scarlett to settle until 7:30-8pm at night, I am left with an hour in the evenings.

Don’t get me wrong, I get enough time to get my orders done, no doubt about that. But my flooooooors are filthy and the toys are all ooooover the house and waaaaaa waa waaaaa!!!

I’m even writing this post instead of using my time to complete orders because I can’t crochet due to the obscene humidity we are having!

Clearly, I have no say in what happens and when. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor, otherwise I’d be a complete and utter wreck. I can handle not being in control, I’m just not a fan of chaos – it’s too chaotic.

It took over five months for me to realise that no matter what I do, this place is always going to be crazy mess of toys, textas and tiny bits of wool off cuts. At least until these girls aren’t as dependant on poor little ol’ me!

Anyone else out there having the time of their lives trying to keep their head above water too?

Jac xx

3 thoughts on “It took over five months…

  1. Motherhood is chaotic. I understand lovely! Your morning sounds like mine. Every day :) In fact, I find the morning to be the most stressful time of day. I am rigid with my schedule. I get up at 6:30 every morning to try and fit everything in. And I still struggle to keep my head above water. I always feel like I’m chasing my tail. I looked in the mirror the other day and thought, “I look old and tired. This is what motherhood has done to me”. We’re Mums, we’re busy, it’s just life. Which is why I look forward to days like this Saturday- Lily will be at Andy and Bip’s house because she’s staying there Friday night, Jase will be home with Alice and I am off to the salon for a haircut and pedi, so at least I’ll look good when I return to the cleaning, shopping and other chaos which will be waiting for me later that day :) Make a time to take a little care of yourself sometimes. And remember that when all three kids are at school, you’ll be glad you had this time with them. Or think how much more exhausted you’d be if you were working full time like so many other Mummies out there! That’s the only thing that gets me through the day sometimes.. ;) x

  2. If life wasn’t a big mess of dirty floors, sinks full of dishes, baskets over flowing with washing and ‘convenient’ parenting contraptions how boring would our lives be!loL! ;) this parenting gig is like a big juggling trick, sometimes we drop a ball, sometime we drop them all and just sometimes we manage to get our shit together and its an amazing show! (I have currently dropped the dishes, washing and tidy house balls…but I have happy babies, and I have managed to cut out some bunnies so its happy mummy too ;) ) xxx

  3. Yes my mornings are exactly like that doubled. I have 7 kids Jac and there is always one who doesn’t want to go to school and 3 who would love to but aren’t old enough yet. Life is crazy and yes I sat and did my crochet today rather than the floors as I know the floors will look just the same tomorrow regardless what I do today. Go with it. Does it really matter if you vacuum/mop daily, twice weekly, weekly whatever, I know it feels like monthly when all the kids are on school holidays :) Enjoy them as best as you can they grow up way too fast :)

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