I’m on a mission, and I need your help.

Are you a creative type? Do you dream things and then make them? Do you share these creations with others? Do you have your own personal creative flair? Are you a crafter? A designer? An artist? Does how your creativity is received by others give you joy? Validate your efforts? Make you feel awesome?

Ok, I need you guys. I need you to read this. And I need your experiences…

Have you ever had an experience where someone STOLE your creativity?

I’m talking: You make something your way, even if you used a pattern or template etc, and someone else came along, saw your way, and starting doing it your way too? So that it even looks like yours and people have actually mistaken them for you? Or clearly studied your technique/originality and ripped it off? Has someone ever started their own business base on your entire business and you know for absolute certain this person deliberately ripped YOU off?

Copyright is clear. I have written about it before. But what about when a friend, is all like “Oh wow that is so cute, how did you make that?” “What, it’s easy? No I could never do that, you are so clever. So just a bit of glue and this from that supplier and you do this with it and that’s how you edit your photos?” ” Oh so you just buy patterns from Etsy and make them and then people buy them?” “Oh wow, but you are so clever. I wish I was clever like you…” etc and then weeks later out of no where a new Facebook page pops up, perky as ever, with the exact same items as yours (with perhaps a few minor differences so it could be argued that no actual copying was done) and your friend is all like “Oh I thought I’d have a go and make my ‘own‘ too.”
Maybe even just a fan from your page? Maybe someone you did a market with once? Maybe someone BOUGHT one of your items, studied it, and then started making and selling their own right next to you on Facebook? And then continues to watch your page and even starts photographing them the same way too?

Yes? How’d you feel about it?
Did your toes feel a little sore? Maybe very sore? Feel cheesed off? Tell me. Share it with me. Tell me what happened and how it made you feel. Be as anonymous as you like, but be honest, open and distinct.

This is not about me. This is about too many of my friends being heartbroken. Being hurt. Being ripped apart by the above…

Email me jacinta_0508@hotmai.com or reply here. Understand that I moderate everything you comment here before I approve it for publication… You can reply here and request I don’t publish it if you like. I’ll happily oblige.

Thank you. As I said, I am on a mission, and I do need your help.

Jac xx


One thought on “I’m on a mission, and I need your help.

  1. Wow! Without going into all the nitty gritty, sadly, I can relay exactly how this makes you feel…Really really sad,, angry & totally betrayed…To know your item was purchased purely to copy, & your details copied & pasted, is devastating…When you spend all that time (time you could be spending with your family etc), trying, scrapping, starting again, creating & making something that is completely you & unique to your little biz, only to have someone else come in & steal your hard work, it is very deflating…:( Taking inspiration from something is one thing, but blatant, outright copying is the lowest of lows & in my opinion, just proves that true creativity & passion, come from the heart & not from stealing….Liz

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