THIS is not ok… {Part One}

There is something going on that needs to stop. Now.
There are humble people being ripped apart by a certain issue and I am going to address it, once and for all, so we can stop the pain it causes.

Because I’m sick to death of people thinking it’s ok to walk all over others. And I know a lot of other people are too.

The following is an actual experience of a very good friend of mine. This very account is what tipped my tolerance over the edge. I think, if you are a humble creative person like me, you’ll understand why this action to be taken…

My friend (let’s call her Kate) hand sews a very cute product. She began making them by following a free-to-use pattern, which is available to anyone resourceful enough to find it. Over many hours, days, weeks, and months of experience, she has developed her product beyond the constraints of the original pattern by using her own unique talent and creativity. Making her product ‘original’ to her business. Her Facebook business.

A woman bought one of Kate’s creations. A short time later, this woman began making the product, the exact same way that Kate does and selling them via Facebook. She became a supplier to another Facebook page which offers a range of products made by other handmaidens.
This woman also copied, word for word, Kate’s ‘About/info’ section from her Facebook Page, swapping only the word ‘I’ for ‘We’.
This woman even named the product she copied from Kate the same as what Kate had been calling them for years.
Kate, tried to rise above the hurt this caused her by evolving her product further.
A week or two later, the woman has copied Kate, again.

THIS is not ok. To do THIS, is NOT OK.

Affectively, she has trampled all over Kate’s business. Dear, sweet Kate, who actually wouldn’t hurt a fly, who is a beautiful, one woman show, hand stitching her heart and soul into the gorgeous original creative concept that she has developed from her own talent and creativity.
This woman has no creative concept of her own. No idea what pain she has caused to Kate’s creative esteem. No sense of decency.
She couldn’t even come up with her own blurb for goodness sake!

This has ripped Kate’s heart out.
Receiving a wall post from a complete stranger asking about an apparent wholesale agreement on her product, only to find out the stranger had accidentally mistaken her for the other woman was another blow.

It hurts. How dare she steal Kate’s heart like that. Her hard work. Her pride. Her soul.

How. Dare. She. TRAMPLE all over a sweet, hard working, gentle woman. Deliberately.

THIS is not ok.
And it’s time we didn’t do this to each other anymore.
It’s time to understand just what it takes to lay your heart out creatively, which is what ALL crafty, arty, creative people do EVERY time they create and share.
It’s time to understand the difference between creating from the heart to share – and making something to make money.

This is my message to this woman and women like her:
Don’t steal someone else’s.
Don’t rip off a design from someone like Kate.

Get your own ideas. Use what you see to inspire your business, not build it! Tweak things your own way. Give things your own signature.
YOU KNOW if you are ripping someone off. You know when you are deliberately using someone else’s idea to make money, get attention, grow recognition. YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE. Stop before you even start.
You know what you can do? Buy patterns. Seek free to use patterns. And do the rest of the work yourself. Get your own awesome.

And For all of the people who have been hurt, and for all of the people who are afraid of being targeted like Kate was, wait for my next blog post. I have advice. I have experienced advice.

In the meantime, I’m going to be so bold as to tell you what we are not going to do…
We are not going to go jumping to conclusions and crying ‘thief’ at every person that APPEARS to be making something that someone else does.
We are not going to get accusatory.
And we are not going to worry that this post is about when someone is bullied by false accusations of the above. That is an entirely different kettle of fish altogether and I am not going to deal with any victimising.
Let’s stay on topic please. We can discuss the other issue at another time – because I know that it too, needs to stop.

It’s time we respected each other.

THIS has to stop.

** Be aware, Trolls unwelcome here. **


31 thoughts on “THIS is not ok… {Part One}

  1. This is so well written hun! Thank you for sharing your friend’s story. Let’s hope that these ‘pretenders’ start getting the idea that they indeed, need to find their own AWESOME.
    C xxoo

  2. All I have to say is what goes around comes around. She may be making money on someone else idea but God knows what they did. Maybe putting her name out there would stop people from buying from her. I sure know I would not buy from her if they are stealing ideas from someone else. God will take care of the wonderful lady that made the original work.

  3. Scrolling the internet tonight and I come across this poor, sad and negative blog!Unfortunately these things happen whether they are a handmade product or a big commercial product. I don’t think naming and shaming is the way to go. What about all the ruffle bums out there, the crochet hats, the dolls made from patterns, crochet flowers on hats? These are not original ideas either. I think the way this has all gone about on a blogpost etc is disgusting and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. There are so many beautiful handmade products out there some of which are all the same! I suggest all this be taken down and deleted before something really bad happens! What a great way for you to give yourself exposure to yourself and your business, since your blogpost is new and has started so negatively. I say leave the issue alone and get over it. Just my opinion

    1. You obviously did not read it well then.
      You’ve taken my post completely out of context and in turn expressed a negative, rude opinion and I warned everyone trolling on my post is not welcome.
      Think before you comment. Seriously. I won’t tolerate this either.

      1. If you are defending someone/a business blatantly seeking a product as a “customer” and then using that said product for their own business to profit from, then that says a lot about you and them as a person.

        No Morals.

        No Respect.

        No Decency.

        No Imagination.

        Sneaky and Sly.


        Just because so many people do it, it does NOT make it RIGHT!

        What a silly way to defend something so wrong on ALL levels.

  4. Clearly Jojo Green didnt read your post properly and thoroughly enough. If she had, she would have seen that you were trying to portray, was in fact, a positive message. To inspire others to create what their heart and soul tells them to, and to not ‘trample’ on others creativity and in turn, trampling on them.
    Its a fine line between blatantly suggesting someone has ‘copied’ your designs, or suggesting they have copied your creativity. Your artwork, your livelihood.
    We are all well aware that a beanie is nothing ‘new’ to the world, or the fact that there is a crochet flower attached to it.
    Jac is simply suggesting to find your own ‘awesome’ to ideas out there. Not taking someone elses.
    Read through again Miss Jojo, you will realise that what you have implied, isnt in fact, what is.

  5. I love this entry, I think it highlights beautifully what all creative people out there should live by… stay true to you and be your own “awesome”.

    Love it! :)

  6. I think this is a gorgeously “from the heart” well written entry and I know that it will mean the world to the gorgeous “Kate” to have this support!! I think the problem is that these people who do this know that it’s not OK – but just don’t care……..or think that the unwritten rules of decency don’t apply to them…..
    What an incredibly sad reflection on society.
    I will support and back you 200% of the way with this and people like the ‘lady’ (term used very loosely there) above, can go back to their worktables full of copied items with the realisation that they will only ever be second best at what they do!!
    I look forward to your next entry, you are certainly now on my reading list xxx

  7. Very well written, and I know how much this has upset “Kate”. Thankfully her product is such a good one that her items sell within minutes of posting for sale. Look forward to the next edition

  8. Whilst I am certain this happens but, I reserve judging another only after I have heard two sides of the story, rather than a one sided version written by a friend. Have you sought the other’s view before writing this? Please note I am not a troll – but rather an intelligent, fair and kind human being giving an opinion from an outside point of view. Sad situation for all really – hopefully it will be resolved with communication and end in harmony. If you have enough confidence within yourself and are a creative person it does not matter what another is doing!

    1. How do you know I haven’t communicated with the other party?

      Presumption? Or perhaps you are trying to defend the person who did this, or a person who does this – And my reply to you is, to be perfectly frank, there is no other side of THIS story. This is a friend’s true account of something that happened to HER and I wrote about it because IT IS NOT OK!

      The ‘other side of the story’ blatantly and deliberately copied a gentle woman’s work and tried to pull it off as their own. They were shown plenty of grace by not being named, their identity kept completely unknown.
      The ‘other side of this story’ has been given a great opportunity to see once and for all that THIS is not ok and they should stop THIS and get their own awesome.
      They’ve been given advice too. Valuable advice.

      I suspect they deny themselves this lesson and instead try to justify their position – similar to how you are trying to poke holes in my argument, possibly to do the same.

      Did you read my Part Two? Because I pretty much advise people to forget about the people who are ‘the other side of THIS story’ anyway.

      Just – don’t bother trying to justify or defend what happened to my ‘Kate’ nor what happens to many other humble, creative people. It’s unacceptable and completely unjust.

      The other side of THIS story needs to stop. Then there won’t BE ‘the other side.’

  9. I take from the fact that you answer a question with a question the answer is no, you have not..

    Fairness is one side to a story in one hand, and the other side to the story in the other hand, and then pass judgement. Anything less is ‘unfair’ in itself.

    I am not justifying anything, nor any person, and I do not even know your ‘Kate’ , simply stating a very common sense opinion – you have put this in a public place have you not? Why bother putting it out there if you are not open to hearing another’s view..

    1. You don’t understand – the ‘other side’ of THIS story is irrelevant. As far as I’m concerned, and I made that VERY clear, there is no other side to the story I told. Passing judgment? Pfft. The story speaks for itself.

  10. Phillipa….Sadly, THIS side of the story is fairly explanatory of what happened, & continues to happen..The “other” side cannot be justified in any shape or form because no matter what the reasoning/excuses, wrong is wrong…Whether one person is doing/condoning it or 1000.The handmade community could & should be one of encouragement, promotion & genuine support of one another which overall, it is..Innocent mistakes can be & are overlooked & forgiven but outright deceit & dishonesty, are not & in my view, should not be…Particularly when it just continues on..It’s just sad that there is this sort of behaviour going on & even sadder that there has to be the “other” side. “Kate” is just one of far far too many handmaidens in this sad & sorry situation…As Jac has so perfectly put it, THIS needs to stop & everyone needs to just find their “own awesome”.

    1. Precisely. Thank you Liz.

      There is no point coming in and picking holes in my argument, because what I’ve said is 100% spot on.
      If Phillipa wasn’t trying to condone the act of whoever did/does the same to Kate, then she wouldn’t need to try and find some tiny little irrelevant thing to criticise.

      The ACT is wrong – deal with it and stop it.

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