Allow me to rabbit on for a bit….

IMG_1288You know those hand sanitizer products like Aqium and the Detol one? Who uses them? They are handy aren’t they. When you are out and about and had to change a wet nappy, you can simply give your hands a quick splash in it and know that baby isn’t going to necessarily catch yukky germs from you….

I don’t like them. In fact, I really don’t like them. I get Aqium for FREE and I still don’t like it (my mother in law works for the company, please forgive me Cathy!!! I love you!!) because the way the chemicals STING kinda turns me off. Seriously, what is IN that stuff? I’ve been taking the extra time between a nappy change and breastfeeding to wash my hands with soap, screaming hungry baby has to deal with it, like all babies have always had to do for like, ever…

Well, she doesn’t have to wait those few extra minutes for a feed or a Bonjella fix any more! Introducing, a hand sanitizer that isn’t full of chemicals that are probably more harmful than the germs they are supposed to kill – Enviromist!

It is by Nature Direct. I went to a viewing at a friend’s house just a couple of weeks ago and my order arrived today, oh my goodness, so excited.
There are NO chemicals in it! It is all made using natural stuff. “Water soluble plant extracts such as cloves, cypress, eucalyptus, mint, pine, rosemary savoury and thyme.” Hello!! Where has this stuff BEEN all of my life.

Had I known about this sooner, I could give my hands a quick spray after changing a wet tush in the car after a horrendous road trip stint and not needed to worry about germies when feeding or using foul smelling, cut stinging, chemical yukkiness from supermarket hand sanitizers.

ALSO, I am excited because I can spray the toilet seat after my son has whizzed all over it (ok, not ALL over it, but you know what I mean) for when Issy starts toilet training, and then spray again after she is finished whizzing all over it. Give it a quick wipe and buddabing buddaboom, sanitized! I can spray public toilet seats too! No chemicals!!

In an apparent over chemical using society THIS stuff is where it is at! And it has excited me. I also use Enjo, LOVE it. This fills the gaps/makes my house even more awesomely sanitized without ANY chemicals at all!

I know this is all fairly random, but I am just so chuffed I had to share it. This company deserves a good round of applause. Three cheers for Nature Direct! And also for Enjo!

Have a great weekend everyone xx Jac

* And no, this is not a paid review or anything.
** And yes, I am THAT excited about non-chemical cleaning products.


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