Pizza Scrolls

Confession – I don’t actually like being in the kitchen. I love food, particularly home made food, I just detest the cooking and cleaning part.
So when I do cook, it’s usually something easy, quick, simple, and generally more than one serving per person. (Left-overs are super important in a busy house which is lacking in enthused cooks.)

Last Friday was the AFL Preliminary Final between North Melbourne and Sydney. Hubby and Jai are North supporters, and I just love footy, so it was to be a great night. It had put me in a fairly chipper mood (which is rare these days) and I found myself keen to make something tasty to snack on during the game. Our fridge was unusually well stocked, as was the freezer, and the provisions for some pizza scrolls were available so that’s what I went with.

I like this kind of cooking, the spontaneous kind, because I’m motivated and excited about it, so it makes it more enjoyable and I feel great afterwards too. When Jai (now 10) was a toddler I’d make these every fortnight, freezing them in small batches to thaw and enjoy every day or so. But now, with three girls under four to keep happy, I don’t always have the energy or ability to do extra things on a whim. Sometimes I can’t even do important things! It’s just so much easier to keep out of the kitchen and avoid making a mess that needs to be cleaned up, because it can all become too exhausting some days. So when I find things particularly enjoyable, and doable, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something big for the day and lifts my mood.
It was really lovely to let the girls watch and help too. They’ll pull a chair up to the bench where I’m working and chatter away while I try to keep their roaming fingers away from my knife.

All it took was an hour, maybe an hour and a half in total, to whip up these tasty snacks and clean up afterwards. You can use so many different filler ingredients too, almost anything you like. In fact, this basic concept is all over Pinterest, using so many different ingredients. The possibilities are endless.

This is my favorite way, mostly because I’ve often got these ingredients on hand for when the motivation arises:
Puff Pastry
Tomato Paste
Capsicum (finely diced)
Cheese (finely grated)
Bacon (finely diced)

I thaw the pastry on the bench for 15 – 20 minutes. Spread a dollop of tomato paste all over it, and top with the bacon, capsicum, and cheese. When rolling them up, it’s important to get a nice tight roll, and seal the edge by removing the filling from the last bit as you roll it, and pressing the pastry together as the roll finishes. Then I’ll cut slices approximately 2cm thick, and place on a tray (greased with oil spray) at least a centimeter apart so they don’t stick together. They’ll cook nicely in the oven at 170deg celsius for approximately 15 minutes, or until they look nice and tasty. I leave them in the tray for five minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool further.
They taste excellent warm, and are even quite tasty as a cold lunchbox snack.


Well, even though I went to bed at quarter time and North ended up getting thrashed, the boys enjoyed a few pizza scrolls each, and they were enjoyed by all the following day as a car snack while we took a drive up to the Dandenongs.

All in all, a winning recipe that I’m certain use a lot!

Jac xx


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