About Me

Hello, I’m Jac. Welcome to Issy Inspired!
I’m a crochet enthusiast, mother of four, wife of one (hehe) from Melbourne, Australia.

Issy Inspired began when my second child (my first daughter) Isabella was about four months old. I had crocheted a pretty headband using a brilliant Youtube tutorial and shared a photo of Issy wearing it in a group on Facebook. The group, made up of lovely mums who had all been due to have their babies the same month Issy was born, encouraged me to open a business page and sell the headbands. So I did!
Over time, my confidence and passion grew, and I found myself designing beanies, blankets, amigurumi, and more! All while my family grew too.

Now that life is much busier, I just don’t have the time or energy for the business side of things. So I have moved toward blogging – this way I still get to create and share without the pressure to fulfill orders.
Issy Inspired is now a place I can come to be ‘me’ for a while, until one of the kiddies screams out and needs me to be ‘mum’ again.
With three girls under four years of age, plus a school boy, the ‘mum mode’ is almost suffocating. This has now become my breathing space.
And I am so glad that I get to share it with you.


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