I’ve invented a game changer…

I think I may invent an invention… I shall call it the “NagMaster2000”.

It will have eight buttons, each of which will have a different recording:

#1 “Get your finger out of your nose.”

#2 “Stop patting the baby.”

#3 “Do not sit on your sister’s head.”

#4 “Bath water is not for drinking.”

#5 “No, we don’t eat chalk.”

#6 “Give it back to her. If you’re looking for yours it’s in your other hand.”

#7 “Draw on the paper, not your face.”

and I can’t forget:
#8 “Come back here and let me put your pants on.”

Because honestly, my throat hurts from the agonising repetition of these very phrases (plus about three dozen more) … and I’ve got another thousand years of this parenting gig to go.

If I survive long enough, I’ll release a ‘teenager’ edition. It will include phrases such as
“You are so not wearing that to church.”
“Don’t give me that look.”
and everyone’s favorite,
“Do you think I was born yesterday?”

What would you have recorded on your NagMaster? Jac xx



Because he really is worth it.

I am in a lot of pain right now. An entire week of party prep, even though I cut a LOT of corners, has shattered me. But he is worth it.

Last year, my son Jai missed out on his birthday trip to Scienceworks because I had spent the previous night in hospital with “threatened preterm labour”. So this year I promised him a Lego themed birthday party.

And so, despite the knee surgery five weeks previous, I did my absolute best to put together what I truly hope becomes a treasured memory for my boy.

To get us started, the lovely Jodie-Lee from LeegirlPretties made us this awesome bunting and the perfectly themed invites.




Being school holidays, Jai was able to help me with the crafty side of things, which was actually a nice opportunity for he and I to spend some quality time together while the girls were asleep.

We drew faces on some square yellow paper plates to resemble Lego man heads (I found the idea here) using a trusty Sharpie.


Next (and we are both rather proud of this one) we made a Lego man collage for “Pin The Face On The Lego Man.”IMG_5063


I used a grey lead pencil and ruler to copy a template I found on Pinterest. Once I was happy I used my Sharpie to trace over the pencil. Jai ripped small squares from some coloured art paper which we bought at Kmart. We used a clear drying PVA to glue all of the pieces of, being sure not to cover over the black outlines. This was definitely my favorite project for the party, particularly because Jai really enjoyed it too.

Using the same template, I made a craft activity by printing it out onto the coloured paper, cutting each section out, and then having the kids use the pieces to make their own Lego man to take home. I was worried it would be a bit of a flop, but the kids actually showed a lot of interest and had a great time personalising their work.



I also found a free Lego bingo printable here which the kids LOVED. It was a huge hit! We used lego pieces as counters and prizes went to the winners.


After finding this on Pinterest I just HAD to give it a go myself. Hubby bought some spray paint from Bunnings and let Jai and I go crazy on some baby food jars that I had hoarded since Issy was Scarlett’s age.IMG_5055
I will admit, my spray painting skills are not great. In fact, they’re shameful. But the kids didn’t notice one bit. I popped chocolates that we had made from a silicone Lego man and Lego brick mould into the jars, as well as a few crayons I purchased from Skip & Stomp on Etsy.

We also filled a vase with Lego bricks and gave a prize to the closest guess.



And during the festivities there was ample time for the kids to build with Lego, which we had in large tubs on the table.


As far as the hot food went, I didn’t have the ability to make my delicious home made sausage rolls and other scrumptious treats so we relied on the freezer section at Woolworths. However, my sister in law whipped up about 30 huge cupcakes (which were so yummy!) saving me hours of work. I had a go at some cheater’s cake pops (marshmellows on skewers) with the hopes they’d look like Lego man heads. Needless to say, I’ve decided cake pops are fiddly, drippy, sticky, and hereby shifted to my ‘two hard’ basket.

I also had a minor cake fail. Ok, a fairly major cake fail. But I did manage to come up with half a Lego man head. Jai loved it, bless his little heart. And even though it was a packet mix cake (the knee, I had no time for ‘from scratch’) which I smothered in white chocolate ganache icing, everyone enjoyed it.




Well, I heard no complaints. So that’s a win to me!

All in all, it was beyond exhausting. But (at the risk of sounding SO cliché) the smile on his freckled face made it all worth it. As we all gathered around the sparkling birthday cake and sang the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ song, I could see how much he was enjoying himself. My boy is a little closed off sometimes and doesn’t often find it easy to relax into a situation, so seeing a bright smile on his face and spark in his eyes was like a silent “Well Done Mum” which, I will remember forever.