THIS is not ok… {Part One}

There is something going on that needs to stop. Now.
There are humble people being ripped apart by a certain issue and I am going to address it, once and for all, so we can stop the pain it causes.

Because I’m sick to death of people thinking it’s ok to walk all over others. And I know a lot of other people are too.

The following is an actual experience of a very good friend of mine. This very account is what tipped my tolerance over the edge. I think, if you are a humble creative person like me, you’ll understand why this action to be taken…

My friend (let’s call her Kate) hand sews a very cute product. She began making them by following a free-to-use pattern, which is available to anyone resourceful enough to find it. Over many hours, days, weeks, and months of experience, she has developed her product beyond the constraints of the original pattern by using her own unique talent and creativity. Making her product ‘original’ to her business. Her Facebook business.

A woman bought one of Kate’s creations. A short time later, this woman began making the product, the exact same way that Kate does and selling them via Facebook. She became a supplier to another Facebook page which offers a range of products made by other handmaidens.
This woman also copied, word for word, Kate’s ‘About/info’ section from her Facebook Page, swapping only the word ‘I’ for ‘We’.
This woman even named the product she copied from Kate the same as what Kate had been calling them for years.
Kate, tried to rise above the hurt this caused her by evolving her product further.
A week or two later, the woman has copied Kate, again.

THIS is not ok. To do THIS, is NOT OK.

Affectively, she has trampled all over Kate’s business. Dear, sweet Kate, who actually wouldn’t hurt a fly, who is a beautiful, one woman show, hand stitching her heart and soul into the gorgeous original creative concept that she has developed from her own talent and creativity.
This woman has no creative concept of her own. No idea what pain she has caused to Kate’s creative esteem. No sense of decency.
She couldn’t even come up with her own blurb for goodness sake!

This has ripped Kate’s heart out.
Receiving a wall post from a complete stranger asking about an apparent wholesale agreement on her product, only to find out the stranger had accidentally mistaken her for the other woman was another blow.

It hurts. How dare she steal Kate’s heart like that. Her hard work. Her pride. Her soul.

How. Dare. She. TRAMPLE all over a sweet, hard working, gentle woman. Deliberately.

THIS is not ok.
And it’s time we didn’t do this to each other anymore.
It’s time to understand just what it takes to lay your heart out creatively, which is what ALL crafty, arty, creative people do EVERY time they create and share.
It’s time to understand the difference between creating from the heart to share – and making something to make money.

This is my message to this woman and women like her:
Don’t steal someone else’s.
Don’t rip off a design from someone like Kate.

Get your own ideas. Use what you see to inspire your business, not build it! Tweak things your own way. Give things your own signature.
YOU KNOW if you are ripping someone off. You know when you are deliberately using someone else’s idea to make money, get attention, grow recognition. YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE. Stop before you even start.
You know what you can do? Buy patterns. Seek free to use patterns. And do the rest of the work yourself. Get your own awesome.

And For all of the people who have been hurt, and for all of the people who are afraid of being targeted like Kate was, wait for my next blog post. I have advice. I have experienced advice.

In the meantime, I’m going to be so bold as to tell you what we are not going to do…
We are not going to go jumping to conclusions and crying ‘thief’ at every person that APPEARS to be making something that someone else does.
We are not going to get accusatory.
And we are not going to worry that this post is about when someone is bullied by false accusations of the above. That is an entirely different kettle of fish altogether and I am not going to deal with any victimising.
Let’s stay on topic please. We can discuss the other issue at another time – because I know that it too, needs to stop.

It’s time we respected each other.

THIS has to stop.

** Be aware, Trolls unwelcome here. **


I’m on a mission, and I need your help.

Are you a creative type? Do you dream things and then make them? Do you share these creations with others? Do you have your own personal creative flair? Are you a crafter? A designer? An artist? Does how your creativity is received by others give you joy? Validate your efforts? Make you feel awesome?

Ok, I need you guys. I need you to read this. And I need your experiences…

Have you ever had an experience where someone STOLE your creativity?

I’m talking: You make something your way, even if you used a pattern or template etc, and someone else came along, saw your way, and starting doing it your way too? So that it even looks like yours and people have actually mistaken them for you? Or clearly studied your technique/originality and ripped it off? Has someone ever started their own business base on your entire business and you know for absolute certain this person deliberately ripped YOU off?

Copyright is clear. I have written about it before. But what about when a friend, is all like “Oh wow that is so cute, how did you make that?” “What, it’s easy? No I could never do that, you are so clever. So just a bit of glue and this from that supplier and you do this with it and that’s how you edit your photos?” ” Oh so you just buy patterns from Etsy and make them and then people buy them?” “Oh wow, but you are so clever. I wish I was clever like you…” etc and then weeks later out of no where a new Facebook page pops up, perky as ever, with the exact same items as yours (with perhaps a few minor differences so it could be argued that no actual copying was done) and your friend is all like “Oh I thought I’d have a go and make my ‘own‘ too.”
Maybe even just a fan from your page? Maybe someone you did a market with once? Maybe someone BOUGHT one of your items, studied it, and then started making and selling their own right next to you on Facebook? And then continues to watch your page and even starts photographing them the same way too?

Yes? How’d you feel about it?
Did your toes feel a little sore? Maybe very sore? Feel cheesed off? Tell me. Share it with me. Tell me what happened and how it made you feel. Be as anonymous as you like, but be honest, open and distinct.

This is not about me. This is about too many of my friends being heartbroken. Being hurt. Being ripped apart by the above…

Email me or reply here. Understand that I moderate everything you comment here before I approve it for publication… You can reply here and request I don’t publish it if you like. I’ll happily oblige.

Thank you. As I said, I am on a mission, and I do need your help.

Jac xx

It took over five months…

IIMG_0277t has just dawned on me: I actually have no idea what I am doing. As in, I have very little control in my house at the moment.

This morning, for example, went a little something like this…

7:15am – Wake up (after dropping back off after a very restless night) to Issy poking me in the face and Scarlett grizzling in her cot. Jai (my eight year old) comes out and protests school. He is sharply hushed. I’ve no time for nonsense.

7:40am – I have wrestled Issy into her high chair, Jai is finally dressed, he is making her brekky (SCORE!) so I retreat to the lounge to feed an unhappy Scarlett. Oh, I got her out of her cot at some stage by the way.

7:50am – Scarlett is fed and happily rolling around on the mat, so I begin cleaning Issy’s Weetbix art while she runs off and starts trashing something. I stack the dishwasher, switch it on, fill the washing machine, think I  switch it on but discover later I didn’t, and pick up something Issy has pulled from the shelf.

8:10am – Make my toast, make Scarlett’s rice cereal, sit on the lounge to nibble at my toast in between attempting to get at least an eighth of a spoonful into Scarlett’s mouth instead of her nose while she rubs it in her eye. During which, Issy has dragged her blanket, pillow and dolls in from her bedroom. The lounge looks like a bomb zone so I ask Jai to quickly pick up the blocks and books from Issy’s earlier trash sesh, to which he very (and surprisingly) happily obliges.

8:25am – Issy trashes the blocks and books.

8:26am – Issy is satisfied with her mayhem and returns to her blankets and pillow.

8:30am – I finish eating my toast. I mop Scarlett up. Then grab clothes and nappies for the girls, change and dress them, throw clothes on my tired body and growl at the dog for barking at the elderly man next door.

8:45am – All aboard the Terry Train (territory) it’s school drop off time. HOORAY. ,

9am – Time for ‘shopping’ which is more like ‘dodging bad drivers and avoiding pedestrian crossings so as to not get killed by said bad drivers’ after spending 20 minutes building the pram that is supposed to be a convenience. (Guess what, it’s not.)

I could go on and on and on…. I am out of my depth here. It’s chaotic. It’s full on. I get nothing, and I mean NOTHING done! The kitchen is still a mess. The clothes are still in the machine. The floors are putrid (thanks ridiculous humidity) and my head is pounding because I haven’t been able to get to my chiro. I crochet while Issy is asleep. She sleeps for two hours at most during the day, and seeing as I can’t get Scarlett to settle until 7:30-8pm at night, I am left with an hour in the evenings.

Don’t get me wrong, I get enough time to get my orders done, no doubt about that. But my flooooooors are filthy and the toys are all ooooover the house and waaaaaa waa waaaaa!!!

I’m even writing this post instead of using my time to complete orders because I can’t crochet due to the obscene humidity we are having!

Clearly, I have no say in what happens and when. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor, otherwise I’d be a complete and utter wreck. I can handle not being in control, I’m just not a fan of chaos – it’s too chaotic.

It took over five months for me to realise that no matter what I do, this place is always going to be crazy mess of toys, textas and tiny bits of wool off cuts. At least until these girls aren’t as dependant on poor little ol’ me!

Anyone else out there having the time of their lives trying to keep their head above water too?

Jac xx

My happy place..

If you haven’t noticed, I like to make pretty new things and then model them on my girls. A lot. It’s my favorite thing to do.

Scarlett- 5 monthsWhy? Well, look at them! My girls are beautiful. My crochet is beautiful. And my photos are beautiful. (I can tell what you might be thinking, ‘Gee is SHE full of herself’) But no. I am actually not full of myself. My closest friends will tell you just how much it takes for me to feel good about what I do.

I’m honest, brutally honest about myself. And since so many kind people have complimented me on my girls, my crochet, and my photos, I think it is safe for me to admit openly, that I also think they are beautiful. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Beautiful things make everyone happy. Albeit, each person’s idea of beauty will differ from the next. Me – I think my girls are beautiful, my crochet is beautiful, and my photos are beautiful. And it makes me happy. IMG_9888

This is my happy place.

What is your happy place?

xx Jac

Take me there now….

132371_405129449541705_1948869275_oOoooh I get a fuzzy feeling just at the thought of it… Winter.

It’s dark and cold outside. Possibly even windy and wild. Inside, the kids are tucked up in their warm, cozy beds, dreaming peacefully. In the lounge, Friday night footy is on, my feet are up, slippers are on and I’m blissfully hooking my way through an adorable piece.

It’s pretty much my favorite feeling. Ok, not my actual favorite… but when the weather has been muggy and hot and yukky for months, I can’t help but dream of Winter. (Of course, a month or two into it, I’ll be complaining about the girls’ cabin fever hehe)

The only thing that would really make my dream perfect, is the ambient light and cozy warmth from a wood heater. Oh how I’d love a wood heater for winter! Maybe one day…

Warm, cozy slippers. Slow cooker bubbling away, the aroma of a scrumptious casserole flooding the house. Rain pitter-pattering on the windows…. Oooooh I get a fuzzy feeling just thinking about it!

Are you looking forward to the cooler weather?

(Of course, in about six months time, I’ll be less excited by cold weather and yearning for sunshine… I’m a bit funny like that.)

An explanation…

The first beanie I ever made - must have taken me about a week!
The first beanie I ever made – must have taken me about a week!

I like to pop ©IssyInspired on my photos. I promise I don’t do it because I am some snob who thinks she owns all crochet beanies or something. The truth is, anything I copyright is my intellectual creation and is not a copy of somebody else’s work. It means I didn’t use someone else’s pattern, I made it up myself.

It also means I sat down, for hours on end, figuring out how to make the piece by myself – it involves a fair bit of patience, a lot of trial and error, and even a few complete fails. Copyright is automatic, and you aren’t required to put a fancy © symbol or declaration with your work. However, and understandably, I like to give myself not only the full credit for my hard work, but also the protection from it being cheaply ripped off.

This is just the way I find joy in my work.
Don’t get me wrong, I have used patterns from other people before, and I will use more as time goes on. That’s what they are there for, after all. And gee there are some AMAZING patterns out there, just taunting me to try them out.
But as far as the bulk of my work goes, I find the most pleasure in experimenting and coming up with little creations or designs of my own. It makes me feel clever.

Here is a little bit of writing from a great PDF I found…
“Works are only protected by copyright law if they are ‘original’ works. A copyright work will be considered original if it is the product of the creator’s own intellectual effort and has not been copied from another person’s work.”
( )

I am not clever enough to fully and thoroughly define copyright or what a ‘copy’ is etc, so if you’d like to read up for yourself, for some actual information to hopefully explain why I do what I do, then here are a couple of links: (I hope I did it right)

I must add, because I can’t help myself, a lady once pinched a product photo from my facebook page by downloading it and then uploaded it onto her facebook page, into an album which (in its description) informed fans that any item in the album can be recreated for a price…. That was not ok. Not ok at all. And the only reason I found out was because another lady saw the photo, with my watermark on it, and contacted me to let me know.

Needless to say, the album was taken down after I got grumpy at her….

One week to go…


That’s right, one week until I am officially opening Issy Inspired for all orders!

Excited. Why? Because I LOVE making things! Receiving every order is such a beautiful compliment, and each time I complete one and package it all up I feel a great sense of achievement. It’s an honour. A joy. To be able to share a cherished hobby with so many people is a true blessing.

I’m just a little nervous of course, just a little…

I made a pretty website for this season. And a pretty blog hehe. There are some new designs too, and I’ll be designing more as the year goes on.

What else would you like to see this year? Any requests?

xx Jac

How it all began…

253432_1838831848661_4976550_nIt all began with a headband.
One evening, I was a bit bored, found a lovely tutorial for a crochet headband and decided I could do that! So I did! I used some Cleckheaton wool that I had been using for a granny square blanket (which I still have yet to finish oops) and popped it on Issy’s cute little four month old noggin the next morning. She was all dressed up pretty for our Sunday church meeting, so of course I took some photos because I like to show off all my pretty things!
That same evening, or maybe the next morning, I shared the picture with a group of ladies on Facebook. I met this group online through, in the December 2010 birth board. We had been chatting and sharing our experiences since falling pregnant with our December babies. They loved the headband so much, that many of them wanted to buy one! I was truly flattered. Then they encouraged me to make a Facebook page because they were certain their friends would also love to get their hands on one too!
So, by the Tuesday evening, I had made myself “Issy Inspired”, all thanks to tutorials and generous online friends.
I worked out how to make a beanie, people loved it and ordered. So that gave me the confidence to tinker around some more, and then I made a few more beanies. And then some more, and clippies, and photo props, and bonnets! I didn’t even know how to read patterns until just recently!
Networking with other crafty ladies on Facebook has been a real blessing. The advice, support and encouragement is priceless.

So with the support of my online friends (that most certainly includes YOU) and from my family, real life friends and very patient husband (hehe) I am here today, blogging about it!

It makes me happy. I’m proud of myself. Very proud.
I’ve learnt some big lessons along the way, and I know I have many more to learn.

That’s it really! All blogs start of with an intro, right? How’d I go?

xx Jac